Modular, affordable and intuitive

The perfect EPoS system to scale alongside your business, with no minimum contract terms and no “minimum bundle” packages, simply add or remove features at your convenience. 

Modular, Affordable and Intuitive EPoS Software

Label Printing

Print barcode labels or shelf edge labels direct from your EPoS

Customer Self Service

Switch interfaces to allow customers to self-serve, great for queue busting and staff efficiencies

Customer Display

Show customers their basket as it is being built, and capture their contact details for an email receipt or loyalty club membership

Inventory Management

Keep up to date on stock levels, what's selling and wastage.

Loyalty & Promotions

Add discounts and promotions directly to your EPoS, and capture customer details at the Point of Sale

Save and Recall Baskets

Save a customers basket, and recall it for later payment once your customer is ready

Refunds and Returns

Simple processes enable easy returns processing

Table Service

Add bookings, customise your table layout or keep a tab for your customers


Save printing costs by offering customers emailed receipts

EPoS Hardware Options

Tailored Hardware Options

All of our EPoS software is "hardware agnostic", and can run on POS terminals, mobile hardware such as tablets, or a combination of both.

This allows you the freedom to choose to use your existing EPoS hardware with our software, purchase your own hardware, or work with us to supply hardware for you.

Contacts us today for a quote for tailored EPoS hardware.

EPoS Terminal Hardware Bundle

Our POS Terminal EPoS hardware bundle includes:

  • EPoS terminal

  • 2-line customer display

  • Side mounted Magnetic Stripe Reader

  • USB receipt printer

  • Front opening cash drawer

  • 1D Handheld Barcode Scanner

From just £996.00

(excl VAT)

POSCore EPoS Software Costs

Our goal is to provide an affordable, scalable solution that works for all businesses, whether a single store or a thousand stores. With our POSCore base EPoS software packages starting from just £15 per month, you have the choice to add or remove additional features as your business needs demand.

No minimum contract terms. No hassle.

Get in touch to talk through the most appropriate options for your business.


from £


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