DigiCore Digital Media Solution

Manage your media any time, any where

Our "off-the-shelf" cloud based DigiCore Digital Media solution enables you to design and schedule all of your digital media from a single, cloud based portal.

Accessible and Intuitive

Cloud Based Interface

Access the content management portal from any device with an internet connection

Multiple Presentations

Create multiple presentations with custom configurations, allowing you to easily switch your screens from one presentation to another

Day Parts & Schedules

Create day parts as a visual representation of the sequence in which to play your content, and schedule playbacks to specific days and times

Range of File Formats

Our robust media player software supports most widely used file formats including HD video, audio, animation and images.

Component Library

Choose from a broad range of components to display content on your screens, some examples of which include:

  • RSS Tickers

  • Weather

  • Custom Text

  • Images

  • Date & Time

  • Graphs

  • Videos

  • Twitter & YouTube

You have all of the hardware options

All of our DigiCore software is "hardware agnostic", and can run on any device with an Android OS. 


This allows you the freedom to choose to use your existing hardware with our software, purchase your own hardware, or work with us to supply hardware for you.

DigiCore Digital Media Software Costs

Our goal is to provide an affordable, scalable solution that works for all businesses, whether a single store or a thousand stores. With our "DigiCore" packages starting from just £10 per month, you have the choice to add or remove screens as your business needs demand.

No minimum contract terms. No hassle.

Get in touch to talk through the most appropriate options for your business.




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