If “off the shelf” solutions aren’t quite meeting your requirements, or you’d prefer something completely customised to your business, choosing to work with us on a Flex solution might be the most appropriate approach to our partnership.

We will dedicate a scrum team of developers, testers and analysts to work with you to deliver your own software, designed exactly how you wish. Our team follow an Agile DSDM delivery methodology to software development projects, combining an appropriate level of project governance to provide assurance to our customers whilst maintaining the principles of iterative software development, always ensuring we take our customers with us on every step of the journey.

Our Software Delivery Methodology

Our Software Development Principles

1. Focus on the business need

2. Deliver on time

3. Collaborate

4. Never compromise quality

5. Build incrementally from firm foundations

6. Develop iteratively

7. Communicate continuously and clearly

8. Demonstrate control

Whilst it may require a larger up front capital investment to develop a bespoke software solution for your business, the benefits have been proven to be significant over time with our "hand over the keys" proposition: once development is complete, we handover the IP to our customer to own going forwards. 


The result of this approach is no software licensing costs for our customer, no matter how large they grow or how long they use the software. To illustrate this:

Flex Software Costs

An estate of 20 stores, with 5 tills in each store, would cost an average of approximately £25 per till per month in full EPoS software licensing. With our "hand over the keys" proposition, this is an annual saving of £30,000! 


We also offer the option of an annual support agreement, for Gryphen to continue supporting and maintaining your Flex software, whilst you continue to retain the IP.




We use common coding languages and principles for all of our software, resulting in our customers always retaining the freedom of choice when it comes to selecting partners to support and maintain their EPoS software.

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